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Testimonials for The Beauty Source


"I have always had sensitive skin ranging from dry sore patches to oily. On various occasions I have tried products which seem to suit for a short time but ultimately my skin gets used to them and does revert back to being “difficult”.   Having been to Rachel’s salon now for a couple of years I can happily state that my skin has settled and has never been better. She varies the facials to suit the condition of my skin as necessary. It always glows when I leave the salon.  The Collin products are gentle on the skin and last a long time so are definitely worth the investment to use some at home too.  Thanks to Rachel I am very happy with the calm condition my skin is now in."
H Hughes


"I have been visiting Rachel for several years now. She has a magical touch, soothing away the stress and tension that accompanies life as a busy NHS GP. Her skill in assessing the quality of my skin and my motivation and lack of time needed for complex skin regimens has resulted in a clear complexion for the first time in ages, achieved with a simple but effective combination of products.  For those of you with busy lives, an hour with Rachel is time well worth spending."



"Treating myself to a facial every 6 weeks with Rachel at the Beauty Source is now an essential part of my life and a great way to wind down after a busy and stressful day at work! Also, before my frequent holidays I also enjoy a manicure and predicure and can strongly recommend the hopi ear candles to make sure I do not have ear ache on long flights. I have been coming to the Beauty Source for over 7 years and definitely feel better, and hopefully look better, for the experience and treatments."
Dr. Angela Jensen


Deluxe Pedicure

"A lovely treatment, Rachel immediately puts you at ease, my feet felt really soft and pampered and the nail varnish looked so shiny. This lasted for several weeks.
I would definitely recommend this treatment to others as it is excellent value for money and gave excellent results. Looking forward to the next one."

Curilla Hammond


"The foot scrub and spa treatment was very relaxing and made my feet feel lovely and soft. Rachel has a great range of nail varnishes and my feet looked beautiful for my holiday and for weeks afterwards. I would definitely recommend this pedicure to others; I bought my mum for one as a birthday treat.
Kathryn Hall


Pedicure and back, neck and shoulder massage
"I’ve been coming to Rachel for 5 years and she is fabulous. Always a wonderful experience and the back, neck and shoulder massage has to be experienced. I would definitely recommend this to others."

Sheena Milne


Deluxe treatment and deluxe pedicure
I enjoyed the total relaxation and wonderful pampering, it was the best pedicure I’ve ever had so relaxing I fell asleep. I would most definitely recommend this others.

Jackie Page



Manicure, Pedicure and Waxing
I have been coming to Rachel for the last 5 years and always enjoy my treatments as I always leave feeling relaxed. Rachel has the ability to make you feel very relaxed so that you gain the most from the treatment(s). I would definitely recommend to others and have already told my friends to go there.
Anne Wykeham – Martin



Pedicure and Manicure 
I’ve been coming to Rachel for several years. The surroundings are extremely relaxing. Rachel is a very friendly person and her treatments are exceptional and give brilliant results and a wonderful feeling. I would definitely recommend the treatment to others

Lisa Lawson

Relaxing, professional but friendly. It had a nice environment not too formal. Nails last a long time between treatments. I would recommend the treatment to others.

Louise Stevens



Mini manicure and massage
Very friendly atmosphere. Good professional treatment. Approachable. Results were very good. Felt very relaxed after treatment. I would definitely recommend to others.




Full body relax and restore massage
The salon has a relaxing, calm ambience. Rachel is both kind and charming making sure she knows of any problems before she starts the treatments. She also knows, intuitively whether you want to talk or not. The treatment is incredibly relaxing and you go home feeling calm and stress free. I would recommend rachels treatment to all my friends.

Nicky HB


Bio lift


Cause of treatment to improve the skin and lift facial contours, it was a relaxing treatment with brilliant results. Skin looks radiant and lifted giving a much more youthful appearance. Rachel is an excellent therapist and I left the salon feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and positively glowing. I would recommend the treatment to others.

Sue Stone