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Hopi Ear Candle


Hopi ear candles are a safe, effective way to treat all manner of aliments.  Used to treat excessive build up of ear wax, sinus problems, tinnitus, headaches, cold and flu symptoms and lack of balance.  Also great for pre-flight to help alleviate the ‘popping’ sensation.


Hopi Treatment
  30 mins £30
Deluxe Hopi Treatment
  45 mins £38
  With the addition of head, neck and shoulder massage      



The word 'Hopi' means "people of peace" and is the name of a native American Indian Tribe.


The hopi ear candle is in fact a cylindrical tube (it has no wick and is hollow). The base of the candle is placed in the ear and held in place by the therapist once the top of the candle has been lit.


The candle contains numerous herbal, essential oil and tincture extracted ingredients, the main ones being flax, honey, St. John's Wort, sage, camomile and beta-carotene.


The candle works by creating a mild suction when lit and the movement of the flame sends tiny vibrations down the candle to massage the tympanic membrane (ear drum). This action helps release any pressure within the inner ear.


As we all know, the ear, nose and throat are all connected and so the treatment is able to stimulate all these areas. When congestion of these areas is reduced or removed a feeling of release, comfort, tranquility and composure is induced.